This is “The Human Hybrid Habitation System Oxygen Regeneration Unit.” (HHHS-ORU-1.0) is the first model of an air filtration component in the fictional habitation system known as HHHS. This model is an attempt at offsetting the demand for chemical oxygen generators in environments with minimal atmosphere.

HHHS-ORU-1.0 consists of a rigid aluminum backpacking structure supporting a small terrarium biosphere. The biosphere contains plant life, growing medium with synthetic additives, water, water vapor, and atmosphere that passes through a series of pumps, tubes, and valves. A respiration effect occurs as atmosphere inside moves across the surface of plant material. This project is a continuation of a body of work I have developed over the past few years, which focuses on symbiosis, and hybridization through computer controlled eco systems. The system functions only in the imagination of the viewer yet the kinetic aspect plays an important role in this fiction.