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I was born and raised in a pristine, sparsely populated town in Wyoming where mountains swallow rivers whole and the sun shines even when it’s 30 below. I enlisted in the Air Force and lived as far west as Anchorage, Alaska and as far east as Goldsboro, North Carolina. While in the armed forces, I serviced radar jammers, antennae, hydraulic actuators, learned mechanical assemblage, and sat in the cockpit of F-15s. After this, I returned home and studied sculpture at the University of Wyoming in Laramie where I received a BFA. I created a fleet of drawing machines then decided to pursue a graduate degree in fine art from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, I teach Studio Art and Digital Drawing at Indiana University in Bloomington as a Visiting Assistant Professor.


My practice generally involves searching for coincidentally matching parts from disassembled objects. I accumulate and tinker with a multitude of objects until the parts begin to find their own structure. This process continues until a new function emerges. It is this newly derived purpose that I am most interested in. I find that this organization strategy mimics processes in the natural world. I often begin thinking of collected action/reaction events as individual organs belonging to a larger system at work. As a consumer of contemporary technology, I am charmed by its potentials yet remain skeptical of unintended widespread consequences. As an artist, I aim to create works that celebrate both positions regarding technology. I seek to create moments of contradiction and to ask questions about the balance of efficiencies within systems.

UW Cowboy becomes CMU Tartan